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Frequently Asked Questions

What does evolutionism mean?

Evolutionism describes the belief in the evolution of organisms. Its exact meaning has changed over time as the study of evolution has progressed.

Is Evolutionism a faith or science?

Belief in evolutionary theory is a matter of sheer faith. And dogmatic belief in any naturalistic theory is no more "scientific" than any other kind of religious faith. Michael Ruse is an evolutionist who testified in the 1980s at the infamous Arkansas creationism trial (McLean v.

Do evolutionists believe in God?

Some of these evolutionists do not believe in any type of god. Others believe in one or more gods who are not involved in the process. Theistic evolutionists believe in the same process as the naturalistic evolutionists, but they believe that it was a tool used and/or controlled by God.

What is the best description of evolutionism?

Evolution is a process of gradual development in a particular situation or thing over a period of time. ...a crucial period in the evolution of modern physics. accurate account of his country's evolution. His long life comprised a series of evolutions.

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