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Why do many Christians reject the theory of evolution?

Why Do So Many Christians Reject Evolution? Close. 11. Posted by 5 years ago. ... The theory of evolution shows that modern day Homo sapiens evolved over millions of years. Furthermore, biological evidence states that's it's impossible to create an entire species from just ONE breeding pair (Adam and Eve). ...

What are the theories of Anthropology?

The whole reason that IR is its own subfield in political science is because of the “unitary actor model,” or the assumption that you can talk about a nation like you talk about an individual, with motivations, goals, and strategies.

Why is evolution important to anthropologists?

Why is Evolution Important to Anthropologists? Geneticist Richard Lewontin rejects the notion that living organisms are passively molded by the “environment,” thereby challenging us to rethink exactly what an environment is. Evaluate this statement by examining the concepts of niche construction and the “norm of reaction,” and how they ...

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