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Frequently Asked Questions

How to edit worker stats without quitting EWR?

Navigate to the roster screen and highlight a worker, then open up Arsenic [without quitting EWR] and the stats for the highlighted worker should appear. You can edit all the values, as well as a host of other things, and when you return to EWR they will take effect.

Is there a link to EWR 4.2?

JobToCena: The links to EWR 4.2 in the first post of this thread work fine for me. Get them to try again using one of those, and let me know if they are still having trouble. I've created a small pic pack that features TNA, WWE, and ROH titles.

Where can I download EWR and Tew graphics?

The belts, logos and people pictures should work with any of them. I will update soon with more direct links for TEW07 data, but for now there is a link to a great website with many, many downloads.

When was Extreme Warfare Revenge EWR 4.2 released?

Looking for Extreme Warfare Revenge / EWR 4.2 editors and utilities? The Extreme Warfare Revenge Download Index has just been updated with the Arsenic Editor 4.4, the Television Editor and the Staff Editor. The Extreme Warfare Revenge Download Index have been updated with 1987, 2001 and 2006 scenarios.

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