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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is long term parking at Newark Airport?

Terminal C Garage offers long term EWR parking, along with lots P1, P3, and Garage P4. Economy parking (Lot P6) also offers long term Newark airport parking at a better rate. Off-site Newark airport parking lots also offer long-term parking at more affordable rates. What are the rates for Newark Airport long-term parking?

Is there a charge point at Newark Airport?

Level II charging features an upgraded charging unit with a 240V connection, capable of charging vehicles two to six times faster than a Level I charger. Take AirTrain Newark free to your terminal from the parking lot. Sign up for access at

How is parking fee deducted from E-ZPass account?

When you exit the parking lot, use the lanes marked with the purple E-ZPass signs. If the parking fee is less than $20, it will be deducted from your E-ZPass account balance. If the fee is $20 or more, it will be charged directly to the credit card you use to replenish your E-ZPass account.

Where are the designated parking spaces at airports?

Designated spaces are located in each short-term parking lot near the terminal entrance. Official disabled license plates or other official permits issued by a municipality or state of residence must be prominently displayed in order to park in these reserved spaces.

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