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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is long term parking at Newark Airport?

Terminal C Garage offers long term EWR parking, along with lots P1, P3, and Garage P4. Economy parking (Lot P6) also offers long term Newark airport parking at a better rate. Off-site Newark airport parking lots also offer long-term parking at more affordable rates. What are the rates for Newark Airport long-term parking?

Where is the best parking at Bradley Airport?

Terminal C garage has the best EWR parking rates at $4 for every 30 min. Hourly EWR parking is also offered at the Terminal C garage at a rate of $8 per hour. Daily parking lots (P1, P3, and Garage P4) also offer parking at the same rates: $4 per 30 min and $8 per hour.

Do you need a ticket to pre book at Newark Airport?

You do not need a ticket for prebooking. Simply drive up and the gate should automatically open after reading your license plate. If it doesn't open, please scan your QR code which can be found on your confirmation email. You can also press the help button on any pay machine or gate, and someone will assist you.

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