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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a flight from EWR to LAX?

On this route in 2009, Continental Airlines operated flights from EWR to LAX using 6 types of aircraft. In 2009, we learned that Continental Airlines flew around 349,787 passengers from EWR to LAX. According to the FAA in 2009, these carriers operate the shortest flights from New York to Los Angeles: Continental Airlines, American Airlines.

How often are flights from Newark to LAX?

With 5 different airlines operating flights between Newark and Los Angeles, there are, on average, 1,830 flights per month. This equates to about 427 flights per week, and 61 flights per day from EWR to LAX. How many morning flights are there from EWR to LAX?

What's the time change from Newark to Los Angeles?

So, if you were to leave Newark at 4:00 PM EDT, you would arrive in Los Angeles at 6:40 PM PDT. Giving you enough time for you to catch up on your reading before you land. Don’t forget the three-hour time change. So, synchronize your watches.

How to get from Newark to New York City?

Luckily, traveling from Newark Liberty International Airport to NYC using public transportation is actually easy. Simply board the airport’s AirTrain and take it to the Airport Train Depot. From here you will take the NJ Transit to Penn Station which is in the heart of Manhattan.

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