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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any direct flights from Newark to Los Angeles?

You have a choice of a number of airlines offering direct flights between Newark and Los Angeles. United Airlines (UA) is one of the most popular. This carrier operates 158 flights every month. If you need more options, take a look at the fares on offer from JetBlue (B6).

What's the best way to get to Los Angeles from LAX?

The quickest way to get from LAX to downtown Los Angeles (if you are not renting a vehicle) is to use the FlyAway Shuttle service. FlyAway offers quick shuttle service to and from a number of destinations in Los Angeles, such as Hollywood and Vine in Hollywood, Union Station in central Los Angeles, and Long Beach.

How long is the flight from LAX to Liberty?

Between Liberty Intl. Airport (EWR) and Los Angeles Intl. Airport (LAX), the flight distance is roughly 2,423 mi. So, order a glass of wine and settle back. You've got some important choices to make — watch some television, listen to some podcasts or squeeze in some beauty sleep?

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