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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any flights from EWR to PHX?

The number of flight times varies by day of the week, but on average, EWR to PHX sees 14 different choices. Compared to the average route departing US with nine flight times, you’ll have more options than most. Do some days of the week have more flight times than others?

How long is the flight from Phoenix AZ to Newark NJ?

The total flight duration from Newark, NJ to Phoenix, AZ is 4 hours, 49 minutes.

Which is the cheapest airline to fly to Phoenix?

Spirit Airlines is the leader in keeping prices low for travelers over the next three months. Fares are being booked at just $174 and, when compared to the more expensive bookings of $1,043, it’s quite a deal. How much time do people spend in Phoenix? How much time do people spend in Phoenix?

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