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Frequently Asked Questions

When did the State Water Board start ewrims?

October 17, 2006, Notice of Public Workshop - The State Water Board’s Division of Water Rights held a staff workshop regarding the development of eWRIMS, a new water rights software program in the early developmental stages.

Do you need a password for ewrims RMS?

eWRIMS RMS is a user account and password protected system. A valid User ID and Password is needed to access the system. To manage reports for a water right record, you will need the Water Right ID and Reporting Identifier for the water right record.

How is the ewrims report Management System ( RMS ) used?

The eWRIMS Report Management System (RMS) is used by water right holders to submit the reports required as a result of their diversion and use of water. Six types of water use reports are supported by the system:

What do you need to know about California Water Board?

The State Water Board strives to ensure that all technical data and other information made available to the public through this web site is accurate, complete and in conformance with the California Public Records Act.

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