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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Expeditionary Warfare School in the Marine Corps?

The Expeditionary Warfare School (EWS) is a 41-week resident school that provides career-level, professional military education and training to company grade Marine officers and selected officers from other services and countries.

What do you need to know about ewrt-YouTube?

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What are the warrant officer programs in the Marine Corps?

Warrant Officer Programs The Warrant Officer (WO) Program is designed to provide the Marine Corps with technical specialists who perform duties that require extensive knowledge of a particular Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), and can be assigned successive tours of duty in their primary MOS. Read the following publications to learn more:

Who is the director of the Marine Corps FSR?

The FSR is chaired by the Director (Dir) Capabilities Development Directorate and supported by the CD&I Total Force Structure Division (TFSD), with Executive Steering Group (ESG) oversight led by the Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps (ACMC). 2. Force Optimization Review (FOR).

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