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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a cap table work in Excel?

Learn how a Startup Cap Table works with eShares simple and direct excel template. A straightforward option excel valuation model illustrating the impact of each financing stage on startup options. This Cap Table template perfect for first-time entrepreneurs to list a company's securities.

How did excel capital help my business partner?

When my business partner and I were shopping around to get the capital we needed to improve our moving trucks, we looked at a lot of options. Excel Capital were the only company that really listened to what we needed and delivered a solution that fit both our product development and hiring goals for the project.

What kind of loans does excel capital offer?

Excel Capital Management is an industry-leader in providing Quick Business Loans, unsecured business loans, business lines of credit and other financial products that are hard to obtain or unavailable through traditional lending channels.

What do you need to know about Excel capital?

Unbeatable Customer Service. With a core belief on treating each business loan application equally. We strive to deliver a hassle free funding experience regardless of the size of your business. 100% Transparency. We strive to explain the ins and outs of every type of funding program we offer.

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