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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate the number of hours in Excel?

Enter the formula "=B2-A2" and press the Enter key to display the time difference between two cells. Change the cell format to hours by selecting the cell and clicking on the arrow next to the "Number" option, which is on the "Home" tab. Select the "Custom" option, and type "h" into the "Type" field to change the cell format to hours.

How do you calculate minutes into hours?

To get results in minutes, you need to follow these steps: Problem: You need to find total minutes in 2 hours. First Step: realize that each standard hour has a total of 60 minutes. Second: take the total number of hours, in this case it's 2 and multiply by number of minutes in a standard hour, in this case it's 60. Result: 2 * 60 = 120.

What is the formula to convert minutes to hours?

Convert hours to minutes with this simple formula: minutes = hours × 60. Converting a hour time measurement to a minute measurement involves multiplying your time by the conversion ratio to find the result. A hour is equal to 60 minutes, so to convert simply multiply by 60. For example: 5 hr = (5 × 60) = 300 min.

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