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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you set up a Microsoft Exchange email?

Click on the "Mail" icon to open a configuration window. Click "Show Profiles" and then select "Add" in the list of email profile accounts. Clicking "Add" starts the configuration of a new Exchange account. Enter a name for the account profile and click "OK.". Enter your full name in the first text box.

Does exchange come with Outlook?

Outlook licenses are not incorporataed with a Exchange license. To use an exchange server with Outlook clients you will need: Exchange CALS or Exchange Enterprise CALS depending on the features you are using. You might be able to buy a part of the cals needed together with the depending server.

How to access Exchange Server with Outlook?

How to Access an Exchange Server From Home Using Outlook Close Microsoft Outlook, if it is already running. Press "Windows-F" on your keyboard to open the Windows Charm search menu. Type "mail" into the search box. Click "Settings" from the Charms menu to filter search results. Click "Mail" from the list of search results. Click the "E-Mail Accounts..." Click the "E-Mail" tab, then click "New..." More items...

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