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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Microsoft Teams without an exchange license?

However, without an Exchange license, you will not be able to search the group mailbox or shared calendar. “Users who participate in conversations that are part of the Chat list in Microsoft Teams must have an Exchange Online (cloud-based) mailbox in order for you to search chat conversations.

How to enable Microsoft Teams exploratory in exchange online kiosk?

In the admin portal, select your user. Select licenses and apps. Uncheck the Exchange Online Kiosk license. At the bottom, check the box for Microsoft Teams Exploratory. Save changes. Go back to licenses and apps and reselect Exchange Online Kiosk. Save changes. This allowed that user to access Teams.

How do I deploy Microsoft Teams rooms with Exchange Online?

To deploy Microsoft Teams Rooms with Exchange Online, follow the steps below. Be sure you have the right permissions to run the associated cmdlets. The Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell cmdlets in this section (for example, Set-MsolUser) have been tested in setting up accounts for Microsoft Teams Rooms devices.

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