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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum mailbox size in exchange online plan 2?

Exchange Online Plan 2 User mailboxes are given a 100GB maximum mailbox space, which is double the maximum size of an Exchange Online Plan 1 mailbox. A User Mailbox with Exchange Online Plan 2 License The maximum mailbox size of a shared mailbox is initially set to 50GB, without a license.

What is included in Microsoft Exchange Online plan 1?

Includes all the features of Exchange Online (Plan 1), plus fully installed Office apps, 1 TB file storage and sharing, video conferencing, and more. Get business-class email as either a standalone Exchange Online plan, or as part of a Microsoft 365 for business plan that includes Office apps and more.

What is the mailbox quota in exchange plan 1?

In Exchange plan 1, the mailbox and the archive share the quota which is 50GB. 1. Connect to Exchange Online using remote PowerShell with an Office 365 admin account. Please replace *** Email address is removed for privacy *** by the mailbox email address.

How do I specify the default mailbox plan in exchange online?

Use Exchange Online PowerShell to specify the default mailbox plan. The default mailbox plan is used as the default template for new mailboxes that you create without a license (because the license specifies the mailbox plan). To specify the default mailbox plan, use the following syntax: Set-MailboxPlan -Identity <MailboxPlanIdentity> -IsDefault

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