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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Microsoft Exchange Online plan 1?

Microsoft Exchange Online as a viable option for businesses that prefer to have their email operations in the cloud rather than on premises. This one-year subscription is for Plan 1 of Microsoft Exchange Online. This version also has about 50Gb of mailbox storage, though i never used more than 10.

What is Exchange Online essentials?

It gives users access to email, calendar, contacts, and tasks from PCs, the web, and mobile devices. It integrates fully with Active Directory, enabling administrators to use group policies, as well as other administration tools, to manage Exchange Online features across their environment.

What is Exchange Online plan?

Exchange Online Plan 2. Exchange Online provides web-based access to mail and contacts that has the look and feel of Outlook on the desktop, Inbox management is achieved with a product known as Clutter that is similar to a spam filter. Clutter will learn which emails received are valid and which ones are junk, allowing for a cleaner inbox.

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