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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install Facebook app?

Once the Store window opens, type Facebook in the Search bar present at the top-right corner of the Store window. Hit Enter or click the Search button. From the displayed search results, click the Facebook icon. To install the Facebook app, click Install.

How do I add a Facebook app?

One way to do this is to search Facebook for an app and add it to your Page by following these steps: Type the name of the app in the Facebook search bar at the top your screen. From the search results, click the Go to App button for the app you want to use. Follow the prompts to add the app to your Page.

What is the Facebook Lite app?

Facebook Lite was launched in the year 2015 by Mark Zuckerberg and the team. The app is a version from the giant social network, which suits the issue of having low internet connectivity or a lower version of the android phone.

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