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Frequently Asked Questions

How are whistleblowers protected under law?

Whistleblowers are often protected under law from employer retaliation, but in many cases punishment has occurred, such as termination, suspension, demotion, wage garnishment, and/or harsh mistreatment by other employees.

Which protects whistleblowers from retaliation?

Whistleblower Retaliation. The Minnesota Whistleblower Act, Minnesota Statutes § 181.932, protects employees from whistleblower retaliation by their employer if they report, or refuse to engage in, illegal conduct. The Whistleblower Act protects all employees in Minnesota and applies to all employers with one or more employees.

What law protects whistleblowers?

Whistleblowers are protected by a variety of state and federal laws. The main federal law that protects whistleblowers is the False Claims Act. The False Claims Act allows employees to report instances involving fraudulent or false reports made to the government.

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