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Frequently Asked Questions

Who was the original owner of Fairfax Media?

Fairfax Media dates back to 1841 when John Fairfax purchased the Sydney Morning Herald. The Fairfax family held onto the company until 1990, with Warwick Fairfax Jr leading down a $2.25 billion bid to re-private the company. However, the deal fell apart, leaving the company out of the family’s control and crippled with debt.

What kind of newspapers does Fairfax Media publish?

Fairfax Media published metropolitan, agricultural, regional and community newspapers, financial and consumer magazines. In Australia, mastheads include The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Australian Financial Review, The Canberra Times, The Sun-Herald, Stock And Land and The Land.

When did Fairfax Media merge with Rural Press?

Through 2006, Fairfax, known at the time as John Fairfax Holdings, and Rural Press began the merger process – seeing the company regaining control of The Canberra Times and the return of the Fairfax family to the company board. On January 12 2007, John Fairfax Holdings officially changed its name to Fairfax Media.

When did Fairfax Media merge with Nine Entertainment?

On 26 July 2018, Fairfax Media and Nine Entertainment Co. announced it had agreed on terms for a merger between the two companies to become Australia's largest media company. Shareholders in Nine Entertainment Co. took a 51% of the combined entity and Fairfax shareholders own 49%.

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