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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if an email is fake?

Community Answer. Spammers send fake emails to a large number of people. In most cases they can't tell if an email is active or not, but if you respond to it, they will know that your email is active and will then send you more fake emails.

How do I recover my email and password?

Launch the Email Password Recovery program. Click the Start Recovery button, a drop-down list will appear which displays all supported email clients. Select your email client from the list. The program will automatically find and decrypt all encoded email passwords stored by your used email client.

Can I create a fake email address?

In fact, you can make as many email addresses as you would like. A fake email address is good if you want to have an email address that you use to sign up for things online that might produce spam. It might also be good to have a fake email address if you want to email people and not let them know who you are. Create a fake email address.

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