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Frequently Asked Questions

How do hackers make money?

Creating Phishing Sites. Hackers often make money by creating spurious websites that pose as legitimate outfits. They may create fake front pages for banks, online sellers and other businesses. They will send emails prompting people to log in for some reason, such as to verify their account.

Can I become a hacker?

In simple words, there is no magic to becoming a Hacker. But, like anything else that is worthwhile, it takes dedication and willingness to learn. It is most important to have a basic knowledge of the topics such as operating system basics and its working, computer networks, network security and programming.

Can a hacker be traced?

A Computer Hacker Can Be Traced. So the investigator must track all the bounce points usually to find the exact location of the hacker. Some victims do not keep logs in their systems or can't understand that a hacker is playing its activities until a long time till records from the hacker's ISP are obtained.

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