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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any Rolex watches that are replicas?

Our collection of replica Rolex watches is composed of the most recognizable Rolex models such as Submariner, GMT Master, Daytona, Deepsea, along with the limited edition models, assembled from the finest materials with scrupulous attention to details.

Are there watches that look like the Rolex Submariner?

Watches that look like Rolex Submariner The Rolex Submariner is definitely one of the most popular watches on the planet, and therefore one of the most copied, not only as a replica but also as homages.... This is the second part of the Rolex Submariner collector’s 101.

What kind of warranty does Rolex watch have?

ALL WATCHES GUARANTEED 100% GENUINE-Rolex Box & Warranty Card-Factory Stickers-3 Year Warranty with WatchGuyNYC and/or Authorized Dealer Condition Never Worn / Unworn Brand Rolex Model Datejust 278274 Serial/Year Current Case Diameter 31mm Dial Aubergine Large VI set with diamonds Under...

What's the difference between Sapphire and regular glass Rolex watches?

The advantage of sapphire glass that is used in our Rolex Replica Watches over regular glass is that the sapphire crystal is much harder, and thus very hard to scratch. Cheap clones use mineral glass, which is 10 times more fragile than sapphire.

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