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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the color of the Rolex Submariner replica watch?

Green color of Rolex Submariner replica dial looks spot on, but the bezel color is different shade of green.

Why does my Rolex Submariner have a tick?

Your Rolex Green Dial Submariner should have its second hand running smoothly as it rotates around the face. If you see it jerking with its tick, then it’s probably a fake. This is because the movement of the Rolex comes in high precision as it is broken down into 8 micro-ticks per second.

Can a fake Rolex watch read under water?

The performance of the diving fake watch itself and the ordinary fake watch contract plus the need to have water resistance and corrosion resistance, can also read the number under water, so it is said that the price of the diving fake watch is not low. And if you... There are too many famous replica watch brands in the world.

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