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Frequently Asked Questions

What are familiar debt bonds and how to get them?

Familial Debt Bonds are used to achieve the Rank of Old Mate with the Solaris United Syndicate, and players will need 10 Familiar Debt Bonds for this. They are also used to purchased items from Ticker during the Star Days Event, or can be handed in to Ticker at any time to gain Solaris United Standing. How to get Familial Debt Bonds

What are family debt bonds in Warframe?

Familial Debt Bonds in Warframe are the rarest of the Debt Bonds found inside Fortuna. As you complete bounties—and turn in resources and credits—you can earn more of these bonds, as well as some Standing.

What are the drop chances of a familial debt bond?

Familial Debt Bonds can drop as stage rewards during the Tier 5 Bounties, which are the most difficult ones. They have the following drop chances at the different reward stages: Stage 1 – 25% Stage 2 – 16%

Is it possible to farm medical debt bond after reset?

Yesterday, before the reset I was farming bounties for the medical debt bond, and I kept getting same rewards over and over, 20 bounties 0 debt bond. After reset, it seemed to have fixed it. I still needed to farm 6 bonds and I farmed even more bounties, and only managed to get 6 after another 20 bounties.

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