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Frequently Asked Questions

What is fansfanschool?

Fanschool | The Smart Safe Social Network where school belongs to you. Own your learning and your data. Create a profile based on your interests. Publish and showcase work through a growthbook rather than a gradebook. See an online ecosystem that supports your potential development as a human being.

Why should teachers use fanschool?

Our fantasy sports-like games turn students into FANs of daily current events habits. FANschool is designed to be empowering and flexible so teachers don’t have to download anything, can use it however they want, and incorporate any other learning content they want.

How much does fanschool cost?

© 2020 Fanschool Start your free trial Add your billing info to verify your teacher account and start your 14-day free trial. Monthly - $19.99 / monthYearly - $99 / year Thank you! Your submission has been received! Oops! Something went wrong while submitting the form. Submit

How do I Change my billing preferences in fanschool?

Update your billing preferences anytime by logging into your Fanschool account. Add a verified parent account in order to connect with other students and publish your articles to a larger audience. Thank you!

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