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Frequently Asked Questions

What is fansly and how does it work?

Fansly is a free and subscription-based social media site that hosts adult content. While there are a few extra features Fansly has that OnlyFans doesn’t, the two sites are nearly identical. Even the layout is similar.

Do you have to pay for fansly?

Like OnlyFans, creators determine their own prices to charge for subscriptions on Fansly. But one unique feature is that creators can offer a variety of subscription tiers. Most creators allow fans to follow them for free, giving access to selfies and censored content.

Could fansly become the next OnlyFans?

Given the increasing interest in Fansly, it’s possible that Fansly could become the next ubiquitous name in adult subscription content. With its tiered subscriptions and more targeted geo-blocking, it already beats out OnlyFans in terms of usability and offerings.

What is the problem with fansly?

Currently, one problem with Fansly is that it only allows users to pay using a credit card. Without additional payment options like crypto, Fansly might be susceptible to disruptions in the event that Visa and Mastercard decide to pull out of the platform as they did Pornhub and are allegedly leading OnlyFans to remove adult content.

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