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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fashion Nova a fast fashion retailer?

Fashion Nova is a US-based fast fashion retail company. The company operates online and has five brick-and-mortar locations. The company is known to use Instagram to gain earned media for its clothing by interacting with users and generating publicity through a mix of models, celebrities, and other customers.

Where is Fashion Nova located in Los Angeles?

Fashion Nova opened its first location in Panorama City, Los Angeles, inside the Panorama Mall, selling inexpensive “club-wear” attire. Its warehouse is located in Vernon, Los Angeles. In 2018, the store released its first seasonal Halloween costume line.

Does Fashion Nova have a Halloween costume line?

The store has a seasonal Halloween costume line, making its items debut alongside its most popular ambassadors at Halloween events. Fashion Nova launched a second season of the Cardi B collection in May 2019, with performances by Cardi B, YG, Blueface, and Lil Nas X.

What is shop nova vintage?

Shop Nova Vintage Define a menu with women-women-nova-luxeor women-nova-luxe women-masks women-swim Shop All New In Swim Plus

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