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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Fasteners, bolts and screws?

Fastener is a general term to describe something which is used as a restraint for holding things together or attaching to other things. The main physical distinction between screws and bolts is that screws are entirely full of threads while bolts contain shanks without threads.

What are the main types of fasteners?

Types of Fasteners Bolts and Nuts. A bolt is a threaded fastener which is always coupled with a nut. ... Screws. These are the fasteners which create their own threads while fastening into the material. ... Washers. ... Rivets. ... Anchors Fasteners. ... Inserts. ... Snap Rings. ... Clevis Pins and Cotter Pins. ...

What is the most commonly used material for nuts and bolts?

Steel is the most common material used for making nuts and bolts and fastener material. These are available plain. They are also available with various surface treatments. These may include such as zinc plating, galvanization, and chrome plating.

What are the types of bolts and nuts?

Bolts are used with nuts and often with washers. The three basic types are carriage bolts, stove bolts, and machine bolts. Other types include the masonry bolt and anchor, toggle bolt, and expansion bolt, which are used to distribute weight when fastening something to a hollow wall.

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