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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Fasteners Inc?

Founded in 1966, Fasteners Inc. provides quality products at competitive prices to the people of South Louisiana. Family owned and operated, Fasteners Inc. offers a full line of standard and metric screws, nuts and bolts in a variety of grades, materials, sizes and finishes.

What does a fastfastener manufacturer do?

Fastener manufacturers use casting, milling, injection molding, and many other manufacturing processes to fabricate fastening technology for buyers. They can focus on custom fasteners and/or materials, ASME, ANSI, ISO, or other standardized fasteners, or both, depending upon the company.

How do I contact fasteners no?

For Sales and Marketing Information: [email protected] Fasteners, Inc. • 800 Dakin Street • Jefferson, Louisiana 70121 Phone: 504 838-9300 • Fax: 504 838-9357 © 2019. All Rights Reserved.

What are fasteners and how do they work?

Fasteners, as their name implies, fasten things together; they are devices that create mechanical non-permanent or semi-permanent joints between two objects. This kind of coupling is different from welding, gluing, or cementing in that fasteners use mechanical forces to keep two parts together, and not chemical bonding and/or heat.

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