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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best guide to fasteners and General Assembly?

Guide to Fasteners and General Assembly (DRMX) This manual has recently under gone significant enhancements. It is a continuous publication since 1995 and has evolved into the best reference manual in publication today. This manual consists of over ~750 pages and are spiral bound with laminated covers.

Why do you need a threaded fastener manual?

Dealing with the complex field of fastening technology every day means there are always questions to answer that go beyond the information normally provided in the standards. The aim of this manual is to provide an overview of the technology associated with threaded fasteners, in order to help users in answering these questions.

How is the length of a fastener measured?

Fastener length is usually measured from where the material is assumed to be to the end of the fastener. Thus, countersunk fasteners are measured overall and non-counter- sunk fasteners are measured from under the head. Length Length For most types of fasteners, the diameter is measured on the outside of the threads.

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