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Frequently Asked Questions

What are fasteners and its types?

Types of Fasteners Bolts and Nuts. A bolt is a threaded fastener which is always coupled with a nut. ... Screws. These are the fasteners which create their own threads while fastening into the material. ... Washers. ... Rivets. ... Anchors Fasteners. ... Inserts. ... Snap Rings. ... Clevis Pins and Cotter Pins. ...

What is the shear strength of a bolt?

The shear strength is the value at which the lateral stress on a bolt or screw causes it to fail. It is an important factor to take into consideration when designing structural steel or timber connections. Shear strength is also an easy value to roughly calculate when the ultimate tensile strength is known.

What is a hardened bolt?

Hardened Bolt is an upgrade to Crossbow Bolts which becomes available after finding the Fire Hardening Treatment blueprints. The upgrade costs 300 . Thereafter, any crossbow bolts purchased or looted are hardened bolts.

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