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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the toll bridges in the Bay Area?

San Francisco Bay and San Pablo Bay are the most prominent geographic features in the Bay Area. There are 8 toll bridges in the Bay Area. All the bridges only collect tolls one way.

How much does a FasTrak pass cost?

Depending on the road, tolls paid with FasTrak can range from $0.55 to as much as $5.75. The costs of the toll will depend on the toll road, the time of the day, the method of payment, and how far you traveled on that road. For example, the toll rates on the 73 Toll Road can cost $3.95 to $5.75.

Is FasTrak legit?

Is Fast Track Worldwide (FTW) legit or scam? Yes, it is a scam according to the latest SEC advisory. Still not convinced on the SEC warning? Then read this article.

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