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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a web to host application for Bluezone?

In addition, there is a new Web-to-Host application that will replace the Web-to-Host wizard and the BlueZone Integration Server. This update makes it much easier to upgrade and administer BlueZone and get back to other business-critical tasks.

Is there a new administration console for Bluezone?

This latest release of BlueZone features a brand new administration console for BlueZone Web-to-Host that improves customer, user, and management satisfaction, all while reducing the time spent administering terminal emulation. The new console also features:

How to download the JNLP file in Bluezone?

Advanced Settings > Browser Config > Java Web Startand set the value of Site Urlto: Accept the JNLP File Prompt Accept the browser's prompts to download and run the JNLP file. If you do not see the notification, click the Download BlueZone Launch Filelink. Show Download Instructions Download BlueZone Launch File Download eZClear

How to launch FCA US LLC external TN3270 session?

Launching FCA US LLC External TN3270 session... Please wait. Note: If this window doesn't close automatically after the session opens, please close manually.

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