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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the student portal at HFC do?

The Student Portal provides access to frequently-used resources, information and schedules, and personalized notifications. The Employee portal provides a directory of common employee resources as well as information about other offices, Committee and Team collaboration pages, and Shared Leadership information.

How to register for continuing education at FCC?

Click Here To Access FCC Password Self-Service System To Register for Continuing Education classes, click here. Ready to enroll at FCC for the first time? New and visiting student information.

How to login to Fresno City College website?

At the top of the Fresno City College website, is the link to MyPortal. To log into Cascade CMS, login to MyPortal. Note: to log into MyPortal, enter the same Username and Password that you use to login to your computer at work.

How long has the FCC been helping students?

For over 35 years, we’ve been helping students reach their career goals. At FCC, you can get career training and skills that will help you create a future you can be proud of.

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