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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about the fccpt?

Please review the FCCPT Service Summary Chart for details on the uses and requirements for the Comprehensive Credentials Review (Type I Review), for Immigration or Licensure Only, and the Educational Credentials Review services. FCCPT introduces our new service, the CWT Version Update.

How many credits are required for fccpt degree?

Effective with applications received January 15, 2020 and thereafter, FCCPT will award a maximum of one hundred seventy-five (175) U.S. semester credits for the five-year (ten semester) Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy degree awarded to graduates of De La Salle Medical & Health Sciences Institute (Philippines) in the year 2014 and after.

How long does it take to change service with fccpt?

There is a service fee for changing a service after five (5) business days from submission of your application. If you currently have a service in-progress, or have had a previous service with FCCPT, you should use your existing file number to view your progress or apply for a new service.

How do I withdraw my application from fccpt?

To withdraw, you must download, complete, and mail or fax the Cancellation of Service Form to FCCPT. FCCPT's mailing address can be found on our Contact Us page. Refunds are completed within thirty (30) days. There will be no refund for a withdrawal after five (5) business days.

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