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Frequently Asked Questions

What did the stock market do today fcel?

What Did the Stock Market Do Today? 3 Big Stories to Catch Up On. FuelCell Energy (FCEL) to Post Q2 Earnings: What's in Store? FuelCell Energy, Inc. develops environmentally responsible distributed baseload power solutions through proprietary molten-carbonate fuel cell technology.

What's the stock price of FuelCell Energy today?

Today, FCEL stock is surging more than 15% as retail investors pile into this short squeeze opportunity ahead of the company's earnings. The post FCEL Stock: Upcoming Earnings and Short-Squeeze Hopes Ar... FuelCell's Q2 earnings should arrive Thursday morning.

What is the price / sales ratio of fcel?

The strongest trend for FCEL is in Stability, which has been heading up over the past 31 weeks. FCEL ranks lowest in Sentiment; there it ranks in the 1st percentile. FCEL's price/sales ratio is 37.82; that's higher than the P/S ratio of 93.62% of US stocks.

What does fcel stand for in power generation?

It develops turn-key distributed power generation solutions and provides comprehensive services for the life of the power plant. The firm's fuel cell solution is an alternative to traditional combustion-based power generation and is complementary to an energy mix consisting of intermittent sources of energy, such as solar and wind turbines.

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