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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better plug power or fcel stock?

PLUG stock trades at 65 times P/S versus FCEL stock at 71.6 times. Then you have the operating metrics. The gross margin for PLUG is 5.9%, while FCEL is languishing at -10.9%.

What's the difference between Plug Power and FuelCell?

While hydrogen fuel cells could finally see increased adoption and become commercially viable, both Plug Power and FuelCell face significant risks to benefiting from that growth, if they even survive that long. Plug Power is trading at a price-to-sales ratio of 37, while FuelCell is trading at a ratio of 43.

What is price to sales of fcel stock?

Despite this performance, FCEL stock trades at 71.6 price-to-sales (P/S), confounding critics and bears alike. Regardless, the penny will drop at some stage. FCEL stock has outperformed the S&P 500 by 1188.6% and its sector by 1196.4% in the past year.

What kind of rating does fcel have on POWR?

In contrast, FCEL’s POWR Ratings are not as strong. It has an overall rating of Neutral” with a “D” for Trade Grade and Peer Grade, a “C” for Buy & Hold Grade, and a “B” for Industry Rank. Among the Industrial – Equipment industry, it’s ranked 41st out of 58th.

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