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Frequently Asked Questions

How many inmates are in FCI Estill prison?

FCI Estill is a medium security institution with an adjacent minimum security satellite camp, which together house 1,187 inmates.

Is there cell phone service at FCI Estill?

There are no positive cases of COVID-19 among staff or inmates at FCI Estill. Phone service at the facility and surrounding areas is inoperable at this time. Due to the ongoing community response, local authorities have asked that inmate friends and families not utilize the 911 emergency telephone service for inquiries about the facility.

When does covid-19 start at FCI Estill?

Modified visiting information related to COVID-19 (starts October 3, 2020). Special Notice: On April 13, FCI Estill was hit by a tornado; there were no injuries to staff or inmates. The institution remains on limited operational status and is secured.

Where is FCI Estill located in South Carolina?

FCI Estill is located approximately 50 miles north of Savannah, Georgia, 96 miles west of Charleston, South Carolina, and 95 miles south of the state capital, Columbia, South Carolina.

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