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Frequently Asked Questions

What to feed my fish?

Brine shrimp, mosquito larvae and bloodworm are ideal sources of protein. Give your goldfish fruits such as chopped grapes and blueberries, and vegetables such as mustard and collard greens. While fish can subsist on fish flakes, they thrive on a varied diet.

What do you feed small fish?

Feeding Your Fish Dry Food Feed in tiny portions. While many people have heard that fish require a "pinch" of flake food each feeding, giving them too large a pinch can give the fish digestive problems or make the tank dirty and unhealthy. Soak pellet foods before feeding.

What is feed fish?

Generally fish feed are of two types. Natural feed and supplementary feed. This two types are described below. The feed which grows naturally in the pond or stream for the natural fertility of soil and water and by applying fertilizer is called natural feed of fish. Natural feed is the main source of necessary feed for surviving.

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