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Frequently Asked Questions

What is sense of feel?

To feel is defined as to be aware of someone or something touching you, to explore something by touch, using your sense of touch to guide you or experiencing emotions. An example of feel is when you are aware of someone touching your arm.

What does feel for mean?

feel for. A better sense of (a situation or how to do something); a greater knowledge or experience in (something). Once I got a feel for the company's daily operations, I felt more comfortable taking on the management role. See also: feel.

What is the definition of feeling?

Definition of feeling. (Entry 1 of 2) 1a(1) : the one of the basic physical senses of which the skin contains the chief end organs and of which the sensations of touch and temperature are characteristic : touch. (2) : a sensation experienced through this sense. b : generalized bodily consciousness or sensation.

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