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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I offer free shipping?

There are two primary ways you can offer free shipping: Conditional or Unconditional, and both are pretty self-explanatory: Conditional Free Shipping sets conditions to your free shipping offer, such as minimum order value, select items, or economy delivery.

Do you offer free shipping?

Offer free shipping on select items only. Another approach is to offer free shipping on some items, but not others. Apply free shipping only to items that have a low shipping cost and enough markup to be profitable after shipping fees are factored in. For example, jewelry and small fashion accessories are cheap to ship,...

Does wish offer free shipping?

Wish does offer free shipping but not on all items. Depending on the product, its weight & seller, shipping cost varies widely. Wish is endemic to United States but now they have expanded the work area in multiple countries including Canada, UK, India & Australia.

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