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Frequently Asked Questions

How is feline FIV transmitted?

How Is FIV Transmitted? FIV is mainly passed from cat to cat through deep bite wounds, the kind that usually occur outdoors during aggressive fights and territorial disputes-the perfect reason to keep your cat inside. Another, less common mode of transmission is from an FIV-infected mother cat to her kitten.

Can dogs get HIV?

Where HIV does get the upper hand, it then attacks the immune system. Whilst dogs don't get HIV, they can suffer from conditions that affect the immune system. It's important to have a vet examine the dog. They will draw up a problem list and decide on the tests needed to make a diagnosis.

How is feline AIDS spread?

Feline AIDS and Transmission. In cats, the feline immunodeficiency virus may be contracted through contact with infested saliva, blood or other body discharges. The virus may also be transmitted through birth, from infected mother to kittens. Feline aids is not contagious to humans. Consequently, if you have a cat with aids,...

What is feline HIV?

Feline AIDS, also known as Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) resembles HIV in humans. It is caused by a slow-moving virus which is transmitted through blood and saliva, and it attacks the immune system. The main transmission of this virus is through bites.

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