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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the new flood maps for Arizona?

New and Preliminary Arizona Flood Maps provide the public an early look at a home or community’s projected risk to flood hazards. This page is for homeowners who want to understand how their current effective Flood Map may change when the preliminary FEMA maps becomes effective.

How to get flood hazard information in AZ?

Fill out the Flood Hazard Information Request Form. A District representative will complete a Flood Hazard - Flood Insurance Rate MAP (FIRM) Information form with the zone and map information and email or fax it back to you. There is no fee for floodplain determinations from the Flood Control District.

What are the flood zones in Scottsdale AZ?

Area of 500-year flood; area subject to the 100-year flood with average depths of less than 1 foot or with contributing drainage area less than one square mile; and areas protected by levees from the base flood. Area determined to be outside the 500-year floodplain. Area in which flood hazards are undetermined.

Where are the flood control districts in Maricopa County AZ?

Find out if your property in Maricopa County is in a floodplain. See where the Flood Control District has projects around Maricopa County ALERT data (rainfall, streamflow, & weather), radar and National Weather Service warnings

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