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Who are the most famous female detective writers?

1 Jane Haddam (1951–2019) 2 Jean Hager (born 1932) 3 Patricia Hall (pseudonym for Maureen O'Connor) (born 1940) 4 Lyn Hamilton (1944–2009) 5 Petra Hammesfahr (born 1951) 6 Sophie Hannah (born 1971) 7 Karen Harper (1945–2020) 8 Charlaine Harris (born 1951) 9 Cynthia Harrod-Eagles (born 1948) 10 Ellen Hart (born 1949) More items...

Are there any female detectives in the US?

Rizzoli & Isles. Another female team of investigators, Rizzoli is the actual police detective, while Isles is a medical examiner. Together they form a team and solve murders in Boston, involving serial killers and regular murders alike.

Which is the best book in the true crime genre?

The Stranger Beside Me, Rule’s best-known book by far, is a classic of the true crime genre. It’s follows the Ted Bundy case while delving into her personal relationship with the notorious killer. The two met working at a crisis clinic in Seattle.

Who is the most famous crime thriller author?

Who is the most famous crime thriller author in literary history? Historically, Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle top the lists, like this one from The top modern writers would include James Patterson and Stephen King because their books often rank among bestseller lists.

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