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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fertilizer injector system?

A fertilizer injector is a tank hooked up to your watering system that puts fertilizer into the water. This allows you to both water your plants and fertilize them at the same time. Fertilizer injectors only work with chemical fertilizers that are water soluble, not organic fertilizers.

What is a drip irrigation sprinkler?

Drip irrigation is the practice of applying small amounts of water and fertilizer uniformly across a specific area. The water and fertilizer are delivered directly to the crop root zone, eliminating runoff, evaporation, and drift.

What is drip irrigation filter?

Drip Irrigation Filters—why they are necessary. Most drip irrigation kits generally include a mesh-type filter. The other type of filter, the sediment filter, is most often used in whole house water filtration. Sediment filters consist of a cartridge and housing, and the cartridge does all the filtering.

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