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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make homemade liquid fertilizer?

Pour your beer, ammonia, and liquid lawn fertilizer in a large bowl. Mix them together. Add your dish detergent and your molasses. Stir the mixture one final time. Transfer the homemade liquid lawn fertilizer to a hose end sprayer. Attach your hose end sprayer to your garden hose.

What is a manure spreader used for?

A manure spreader or muck spreader or honey wagon is an agricultural machine used to distribute manure over a field as a fertilizer. A typical (modern) manure spreader consists of a trailer towed behind a tractor with a rotating mechanism driven by the tractor's power take off (PTO).

What is a fertilizer spreader?

A fertilizer spreader is a piece of agricultural equipment people can use to apply even, aerated coats of fertilizer to lawns, beds, and fields.

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