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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Titan spreader in fs19?

Weappreciate that the modders have animated the hand throttle. There were no visible errors in the log after using the Titan spreader on our fields. If you want to take the Titan spreader for a spin in FS19, you just have to click the button under to download it to your mods folder.

How much fertilizer can a trailer spreader spread?

It’s a dual wheeled trailer style fertilizer spreader. And this fertilizer has a working capacity of twenty thousand liters, which is more than enough for most any field. It also has a working width of thirty two meters, and can spread at twenty kilometers an hour.

What is the best free fertilizer mod for Ford 19?

FS19: Best Fertilizer Mods Worth Trying (All Free) 1 1. Lizard Self Propelled Sprayer. 2 2. Terragator 6203 & Implements v2.1. 3 3. John Deere DN 345 v2.0. 4 4. Rauch Axis-H EMC Trailed Spreader. 5 5. Lizard N 015. More items

What is the Lizard fertilizer sprayer in Farming Simulator 19?

This lizard fertilizer sprayer is a large self-propelled sprayer, and well worth grabbing. This was a new addition for Farming Simulator 19, even if fertilizing crops wasn’t. And let’s say this machine doesn’t fail to deliver, either! It has a huge working width of thirty three meters, and a tank capacity of fifty thousand liters.

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