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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a fertilizer spreader work?

How Does Fertilizer Spreader Work? Maintaining an attractive garden. Having an eye-catching garden can make you more interested in tilling your garden often. ... Keep your skin safe from chemicals. If you're mostly using a homemade fertilizer there is a high risk of chemicals getting in contact with your skin. Time-saving. ... Drop spreader. ... Broadcast spreaders. ... Final thought. ...

What is a fertilizer spreader?

A fertilizer spreader is a piece of agricultural equipment people can use to apply even, aerated coats of fertilizer to lawns, beds, and fields.

What is garden fertilizer?

Fertilizer is a type of compound applied to gardens and landscapes to encourage proper plant growth and development by providing essential vitamins and minerals. Fertilizers make it possible to grow plants even in nutritionally deficient soil, as well as enclosed spaces such as garden pots.

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