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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of spreader trucks?

Modern spreader trucks, meanwhile, incorporate electric-, hydraulic-, and gas-powered tailgate, under tailgate, and V-Box spreaders to spread salt, sand, and de-icing liquids.

What kind of spreader do you use for fertilizer?

Slightly used like new Pro Force 2250- 22' spreader for Fertilizer, lime, litter or compost or anything pelletized. New condition, with 12" SS side boards, roll tarp, Raven RCM dry rate controller ( wi... See all seller comments

How much does a 410 bushel spreader cost?

410 Bushel, 13 ton Brake Optional $4300,, with Truck Tires, Ask about $505 a month AMERI Spreader Chip Spreader - a PavementGroup Brand Designed for spreading aggregate, salt, sand or asphalt materials from your dump truck Available in lengths of 108" (with 9 cut off gates) or 120" long (with 10...

What's the best tailgate spreader for a dump truck?

WARREN GS tailgate spreaders, The Warren GS tailgate spreaders attach right to your dump truck in place of your tailgate. They come in a couple of di... New 2.75 cu yd 10' Hiniker 955 Model, V-Box Electric Stainless Steel Spreader, Mount type:, Comes w/ Inverted V & Standard spinner 79203292. The &apos...

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