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Frequently Asked Questions

What fertilizer works the best on a plant?

How to Choose the Right Flower Fertilizer Type Complete Fertilizer. The fertilizer packaging will list these three major nutrients in exact order (sometimes referencing them as " NPK ") with the numbers representing the percentage of each nutrient ... Chemical Fertilizer. ... Foliar Fertilizer. ... Organic Fertilizer. ... Simple Fertilizer. ... Slow-Release Fertilizer. ...

What is the best general purpose fertilizer?

Nitrogen is responsible for the physical growth of plants, phosphorous is important for a plant’s respiration, and potassium is necessary to overcome various diseases. An all-purpose fertilizer may also be known as a general-purpose fertilizer.

What are the pros and cons of fertilizer?

Cons Too much fertilizer can kill plants -- a problem more common with synthetic fertilizers than organic types. Fresh, non-composted manure can kill plants because it contains salts. Non-composted manure frequently contains weed seeds.

What is fertilizer and why do plants need it?

Let us see some major reasons why plants require fertilizers. For nourishment and healthy growth. Plants need nourishment in order to grow and develop in a proper manner. The healthy foliage growth happens when we offer the required nourishment to plants through fertilizers.

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